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Since our founding in 1995 we have become a leading supplier of professional pavement maintenance & preservation materials, equipment and supplies.

We have strategically partnered with the industries leading manufacturers to offer a wide variety of products at extremely competitive prices.

Centrally headquartered in Cincinnati, Ohio, we are proud to serve state & municipal public works departments, airports, park districts, military depots, Universities, and contractors alike.


Marathon’s under fired hot tack sprayers provide a fast and reliable means of heating and applying solvent based emulsions, tack coats and asphalt cement. Our units are capable of heating a large volume of material on a steady basis and offer many operator friendly features and options. 

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Dura-Fill HS2 is a specialty grade, economical crack and joint sealant, which is specifically formulated for direct-fired & oil jacketed kettles. Dura-Fill HS2 is relatively hard and has a high softening point, which makes it well suited for parking lots and driveways. It prolongs pavement life by sealing cracks and joints from water penetration.

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